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Express Condos2

Project Information DEVELOPMENT NAME: Express Condos 2 DEVELOPER(S): Malibu Investments BUILDING TYPE: Condominium ADDRESS: Wilson Avenue & Tippett Road, North York ON M3H 2V1 UNITS: 265 FLOORS: 16 UNIT SIZES: TBA PRICE RANGE: TBA ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE: 2021 VIP Sales Status: Register Now! - Coming Soon Express Condos 2 is a new preconstruction condo development by Malibu...

Assignment & sublets

Tha Assignment and sublets

Assignment An assignment involves the assigning of rights, ownership and interest in a lease whereby the assignor or lessee, transfers the entire remainder of the term created by the lease. sublets the tenant transfers something less than an entire interest, he/she sublets it. This may be either the subletting of part of the term or part of the premises. Again, the tenant remains liable to the landlord,...



  THE FAMILY LAW ACT . Notably, the Family Law Act has instituted the concepts of: The matrimonial home. Net family property. Equalization payments.   Matrimonial Home This distinct status is afforded to selected properties pursuant to provincial legislation. The Family Law Act recognizes the concept of an equal partnership-marriage relation ship and provides a code for...

PROPERTY LAW homemaple

Ownership in ontario

Ownership :Two types of ownerships flow from historical concepts 1)tenure: is a temporary use of land without ownership(lease) 2)state: is a permanent ownership on the land TYPES OF ESTATES Estate to Uses The estate to uses concept was at one time a method of holding ownership. Normally, such ownership was obtained by deed, will or possession. Fee Simple Fee Simple is the highest estate or...

Rent Deposit in Toronto

Rent Deposit in Ontario

Rent Deposit in Ontario A rent deposit in ontario cannot be more than the lesser of the amount of rent for one rental period or one month. Any reference to a security deposit is automatically deemed to be a rent deposit for purposes of the Act and the maximum rent deposit is one month’s rent. Practitioners should be aware of certain important requirements regarding rent deposits: If the lawful...

Rent Increase in ontario

Rent Increase in ontario

Rent Increase in Ontario The Residential Tenancies Act provides that no charge of rent or increase of rent is allowed greater than the lawful rent permitted. Lawful rent for a new tenant is the first rent charged to that new tenant, subject to certain qualifications outlined in the Act; e.g., selected provisions relating to rent premiums and discounts. The topic of lawful rents has...

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